Brewing outside the box

An Alchemist brewing Beer in Alchemy Street Brewings Brewery

The Craft behind our unique beers


At Alchemy Street Craft Brewery, our beers are born from a unique blend of flavour and ingredient inspiration and scientific precision. Ed, our brewer, with a keen palate and a background in chemistry, draws on diverse food experiences to inspire his creations.

Brew inspirations

Ed’s approach is straightforward: good ingredients leads to good beer. Whether it’s an exotic dish he’s tried or a unique recipe he’s heard about, each flavour has the potential to spark a new beer idea. This method of blending familiar and novel flavours means our beer selection is both approachable and intriguing.

European influence and innovative techniques

His travels through Europe exposed him to a variety of traditional beers, deepening his appreciation and influencing his brewing style. This journey inspired beers like “The BFG,” a milk stout that combines the indulgent flavours of chocolate and cherry reminiscent of a Black Forest gateau, and our smoked and fruited “Hot Box” series revives the historical Lichtenhainer.

Upcoming brews for Oktoberfest

Looking ahead to Oktoberfest, our brewer is experimenting with bold new flavours that promise to add excitement to this year’s festivities. These new beers are currently in development, but they’re sure to showcase our brewery’s hallmark creativity and quality.

To keep up with the latest on our beer releases and events, follow us on Instagram. Visit Alchemy Street Craft Brewery and Tap Room, where every beer is a reflection of detailed craft and innovative spirit. Join us for a taste of something extraordinary.

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